Betting on Major Games in the NFL

With the playoffs looming in week 15 we have 4 games and one on the fringe involving teams that have no chance of making it in. A lot of people like wagering on the big games. I don’t know maybe because they’ll be televised and they can watch. However you can find great bets on the meaningless ones. Take this one on the fringe for example. Denver traveling to Oakland.

Denver is Out of the playoffs. Oakland is hanging on by a prayer.
Last week Denver is crushed by the lowly Cardinals and Oakland battles Jacksonville to the finish. Because of this I see Oakland as the favorite by about 6 1/2 with the over/under at 44 (O/U is the total combined score).

With Oakland’s playoff hopes, being at home, and Denver’s apparent collapse after firing the head coach, I think most people will be going with the favorite. I’m betting Denver to win and taking the over if I parlay (2 or more selections/teams bet together as one bet).
Here’s why.
Oakland has played 2 huge games in a row, both on the road. The first in San Diego was a BIG win, a huge high, and put the playoffs in their sights. Then in Jacksonville they battle their butts off only to lose in a heart breaker that has all but eliminated them from the playoffs.

Sure Denver was destroyed by Arizona on the road, and this game is on the road as well. Let’s not forget the week before when Denver was also on the road in KC. They played this game tough in 10-6 loss vs the division leader and huge rival. Then they have Arizona sandwiched between another huge divisional game vs another team with playoff hopes. Big trap in Arizona for Denver after being beat up in KC.

Oakland is deflated after these past two games, but they will get theirs vs Denver’s weak D. Denver hasn’t scored over 13 the past two weeks. Look for that to change as Denver pulls the upset in a high scoring event.

I’m not only taking the points, but Denver to win outright and take Oakland completely out of the playoff hunt. Oh did I mention these two teams don’t like each other and with nothing left to play for would love nothing more than eliminating the other from playoff contention.

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