Betting on Horses

Betting on horse races in the U.S. is quite simple. The three common ways in which to place your bet are, to win, to place or to show. A bet placed ‘to win’ is also called a straight bet.  This basically means that the money that you bet (your stake) is placed on the horse to win only. If the horse comes in first then you are a winner. A bet placed ‘to place’ means that you win if your horse comes in either first or second.  A bet placed ‘to show’ means you are a winner if your horse comes first, second or third. As the latter two options increase your chances of winning, your odds will be cut accordingly so that the final winnings will be a reduced amount.

Many people think there is a winning formula or a system to use that can guarantee picking winners. It really is just a game of luck; that is why it is called gambling.  However you can be lucky more often if you study the form of the horses, and to some extent the jockeys.  Analysis of the horses’ weaker or stronger points against the course they will be running on, the conditions of the ground and several other variables, will certainly help you to predict the likely winner. In theory this is certainly correct; in practice it is not as correct as often as we would all like.

Placing a bet using these parameters dos not take into consideration the human factor. The horse could get spooked by something during the race or just have an off day. The jockey could become dismounted; the horse could even take a tumble. Nothing is certain in the field of horse racing, gambling isn’t a surefire way to earn big money, but it sure is fun to try.

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