Betting on Football – A simple Starter Guide

There are a few ways to bet on your favorite football game. One of those ways is simply to make a bet with your buddy, each of you betting on opposing teams. This method usually involves more emotion than forethought, and over the long run is rarely profitable. It can make watching the game a lot more interesting though.

A smarter method would be to keep track of your buddies favorite teams, and only bet against them during weeks when statistically they should lose against your own favorite teams. Injuries, fatigue, suspensions, all of these can play a part in handicapping a team.

Handicapping for Cash

As you get the hang of betting more intelligently, there are some things you can do to improve your own handicapping skills. Once you’ve gotten to a place where you’re making strong choices, and winning a good number of your bets, you can move the majority of your action to an online sport bet book and take advantage of unlimited bets, up-to-minute-odds on every game and well, just a ton of available action.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s no reason to let your buddy off the hook so easily, go ahead and keep taking that fifty bucks from him every time you get the chance. You’ll find however that soon your bet with him will be for fun, and your bets online will build a strong sportsbetting bankroll over time.

Watch Football.. Bet on Football
So what’s the first step in becoming a successful handicapper? Watch football. I don’t think I have to beat this one into the ground to overmuch, something tells me it’s not going to be a problem. However, it must be said. Watch the games, so that you can pick up on things like animosities, injuries, near injuries, habits. Get to know the game and the players inside and out.

Read About it!
This website, as well as the local paper, a million other websites; including offer a ton of valuable information about every game, every player, and even every line. Learn everything you can about each team, so that you can recall that knowledge as you begin to make more educated sports picks.

Don’t Bet the Farm
If you follow this step, you’ll be able to follow the next step. Part of betting intelligently, is not betting the house, the house payment, or the kids college tuition. So set up a sportsbetting bankroll, keep track of your wins and your losses, stick to your budget, and then watch your bankroll make it’s way into the green and climb.

Don’t Be a Quitter
When you first start out, odds are you’re going to be a losing bettor. So don’t bet huge, bet enough that it stings a touch when you lose, excites you when you win, and is worth the effort, and that you can play again next week if it turns out NBC’s Biggest Loser has nothing on you. Stick it out, keep reading, watching an studying, and you WILL get better.

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