This weeks Bball Chatter and NBA Predictions ..

The New York Knicks have now fallen into a slump. I would not call the Knicks a team of bullies,  obviously when it came to beating the Boston Celtic’s the Knicks lost. Next up another big dog on the block the Miami Heat. The Heat have now won ten in a row and  the Knicks along with Amar’e  Stoudemire have fallen to the big three.

Then there was Cleveland and like they say death come in threes. The Cavalier’s were the third team in the row to give the Knicks a body blow. So are the Knicks just a pretender losing to the premiere teams? I would not say so. The season is very long and full of hills and valleys and a vicious cycle if it is not times right. But the New York Knicks will face these teams again but next time may be with Carmelo Anthony  and this may be just what the Knicks need to place them in the top of the food chain. Perhaps these losses are a signal to get Carmelo and a sign that no man no matter how good can win alone especially in a team sport. The fans desire to see Mello in a Knicks uniform and there is no doubt Carmelo Anthony will be a compliment to Stoudemire and the other Knicks.

So what about the Boston Celtic’s, Miami Heat and Orlando? Could the New York Knicks beat these teams in a series? Not with their current roster. There is plenty of basketball to be played but it is about consistency and that is where both the Celtic’s have been and that is where the Heat have finally made it. as a side note the Boston Celtic’s the most historic franchise in the NBA have yet to play ball and right now their roster is incomplete.

If the Knicks desire to win they need to pick up a guy like Carmelo Anthony and if not it will be a tough season and remember NBA Basketball is a marathon not a sprint.

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