Arsenal vs. Chelsea

This game is a real Premier League classic and you need to compare and contrast the two teams recent form before you bet on the result.

Arsenal have 31 points and they are 2nd in the English League. From their last 5 games they have won 3 and lost 2.During these matches they scored 9 goals and got 7. So their forwards are in pretty good form, but their defenders are not. On their last match, against Manchester United, Arsenal played very well, however because of their defenders they lost. If their coach could find the solution for this problem, then Arsenal have a big chance to beat Chelsea.

Chelsea have 31 points and they are 4th in the English League. Their recent form is awful because from their last 5 games they have won only 1, lost 1 and tied 3. This is not that bad, but they scored 5 goals and got 5. They clearly have more problems with their forwards than with their defenders. In fact, I think that Chelseas defenders are the best in the league. However with only defense they cant win a game. Chelseas coach must motivate their forwards somehow. If he could do this, then Chelsea have a chance to win.

According to, Arsenal have a little bit bigger chance to win. The odds are the following: Arsenal victory: 2.55; tie: 3.20; Chelsea victory: 2.65.

I think this match is going to be really interesting because both teams are so different. Arsenal play great attacking soccer and Chelsea play equally great defending. My tip would be 2-1, so its an Arsenal victory.
I would also bet on that the games total score is going to be over 2. The odd for this is 1.85.

You could play these two tips in parlay for a bigger prize. A combination bet of these two tips would pay 2.55X1.85=4.71. So if you pay $10, you could easily win $47.17!

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