Who Will Win the Southeast Division?

The NBA’s Southeast Division is the home of the Miami Heat, a team that has suddenly become the focus of many a basketball fan’s attention. With the likes of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh, this is obviously a great team.  So, they are going to win the Southeast Division, right?  Well, don’t be too certain of that.

Granted, the Washington Wizards and Charlotte Bobcats almost definitely aren’t going to contend, and the Atlanta Hawks are a pretty big long shot as well.  However, do not give up on the Orlando Magic.  This is a team that has been one of the NBA’s best for a couple seasons now.  They played in the NBA Finals just two seasons ago, and they have pretty much the same roster as then.

The Heat may have LeBron, Wade, and Bosh, but the Magic have Dwight Howard, who is pretty much a singular talent in the NBA.  He has some good players around him in Jameer Nelson, Vince Carter, and Rashard Lewis.  Is Orlando as talented as Miami?  No, but there is something to be said for having continuity and experience playing with one another.  There is also something to be said about having a good point guard and great center, two things the Heat don’t have.

Currently, Sportsbook has the Heat at -600 to win the division, with the Magic at +250.  While the proclamation that the Heat might win 70 this season is silly, they still will probably win the division. That being said, if any of the big three in Miami suffer an injury, then Orlando looks like the better pick.  Even if they stay healthy, Orlando could win the division, but the Heat are the better pick.

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