Who Will Win the Central Division?

A couple of seasons ago, the NBA’s Central Division would have been a fight between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Detroit Pistons.  Now, neither of those teams are likely to make the playoffs.  You may have heard that LeBron James isn’t with the Cavaliers anymore.  It was kind of big news.  The Indiana Pacers aren’t a terribly good team either, and they are on the verge of major cap space, so don’t look for them to make a move for the division this season.

That leaves two teams; the Chicago Bulls and the Milwaukee Bucks.  The Bulls added some good pieces this offseason, namely Carlos Boozer, though he is going to miss a chunk of the season with injury.  Still, having Derrick Rose to run the point and Joakim Noah to rebound makes them a formidable team.  Meanwhile, the Bucks have suddenly turned themselves into one of the better teams in the East.  Brandon Jennings is a really good young point guard, Andrew Bogut is one of the best centers in the league when healthy, and John Salmons and Corey Maggette are good scorers.

Sportsbook has the Bulls as the favorites, and even with Boozer’s injury that is the likely outcome this season.  However, don’t give up on the Bucks.  If Bogut can stay healthy, and if Jennings progresses at a better than expected rate, they could easily pull off the mild upset and win the Central Division.  With Rose running the point, Chicago is tough to beat, but if anybody in this division is going to do it, it is Milwaukee.

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