Who will win the Big East?

Some may answer the question posed in the title of this article with a question of their own, namely, “Does it really matter?”  Sure, the Big East is really down this year; Sportsbook has none of their teams listed in the BCS Championship race, because none of them are mathematically alive in the race, but one of these teams is going to be picked for a BCS bowl, and over a much more deserving team at that.  So, who is going to be that lucky team that probably serves as cannon fodder for a more talented team from another conference?

The Pittsburgh Panthers seem like the easy pick.  They have taken a pretty big lead over the competition, so they would really have to fall apart to not win this conference.  Plus, as previously stated, it isn’t exactly stiff competition.  Syracuse, South Florida, and Louisville are not teams that strike fear into the hearts of their opponents.  The only team that seems like they could possibly overtake Pittsburgh is West Virginia.

These teams play late in the year in their annual “Backyard Brawl.”  However, the Mountaineers will need help from their fellow conference members if they are going to overtake the Panthers with a win in that game.  Plus, they can’t afford any more slipups of their own.  West Virginia’s chances are pretty slim, to be honest.  Pittsburgh looks primed to win the Big East, even if they may do it with a mere eight wins or so on the season.

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