Who Will Win the AFC?

At this point in the NFL season, the likely Super Bowl contenders have emerged pretty clearly. Right now, there are five teams in the AFC that look like they have more than a meager chance of winning the conference and heading to Dallas for a shot at the title.  Those teams are the Baltimore Ravens, the Indianapolis Colts, the New England Patriots, the New York Jets, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  So, who will it be?

While all these teams are very good, not one of them has shown themselves to be a clear favorite.  The Ravens have defensive issues, the Colts have had injury misfortune, the Patriots have worse defensive issues than Baltimore, Mark Sanchez is struggling under center for the Jets, and Pittsburgh has injury concerns with their offensive line.  In the end, it might come down to who gets home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Baltimore and Pittsburgh play in the same division, as do the Patriots and the Jets.  As such, only two of those teams can win their division and get bye weeks, which would definitely be points in their favor.  However, based on talent, coaching, and other factors, the Pittsburgh Steelers are the pick right now.  Sportsbook has them at +250 to make the Super Bowl, so they probably see the same thing.  Pittsburgh’s problems are lesser than most of their competitors, and they have the best defense of any of these teams. The AFC is going to be tough, but the Steelers are, just by a hair, the pick to win it right now.

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