Who Will Lead the NFL in Passing?

There are very talented quarterbacks who don’t get to pass the ball all that often.  Then, there are less talented quarterbacks who play in pass happy offenses, particularly if their team often finds itself behind.  As such, passing yards are not necessarily the best measure of a quarterback’s ability.  Despite that, at the end of the season the top quarterback in passing yardage usually is a really good signal caller who has had a great season.  Who will it be this year?

This season, Phillip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers is looking hard to beat.  The Chargers love to throw the ball, and Rivers is great at doing just that.  He has built himself up a pretty good lead in the category, and a nice MVP campaign while he is at it, though Sportsbook only has him at +1500 to win that award.

Guys such as Drew Brees and Peyton Manning are in the race as well, and they can’t be discounted.  Neither can Kyle Orton, who plays for a team that simply can’t run the ball.  If anybody is going to overtake Rivers, it will probably be Brees.  However, do not count on that happening.  Rivers would either have to start struggling, which is unlikely, or the Chargers would have to start throwing the ball less, which is even less likely.  There is a good chance Rivers passes 5,000 yards passing this season, and if that happens the passing title is his.

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