Who Will Be the NBA’s Rookie of the Year?

It is rare that the first overall pick from two different NBA Drafts are competing for the Rookie of the Year in the same season. However, that is the case this year. Last season, the Los Angeles Clippers’ Blake Griffin missed the entire season due to a knee injury. Now he is ready and raring to go and has gotten off to a very good start to the season. He is an excellent candidate for the Rookie of the Year award, and the favorite to win it on Sportsbook, but there are other good candidates.

Names such as DeMarcus Cousins and Evan Turner are in the mix, but this award really comes down to two players. The aforementioned Griffin, and Washington Wizards point guard John Wall. Both guys are great athletes, with Griffin being a unique combination of speed and size, not to mention strength. Wall, meanwhile, is one of the most athletic players in the NBA already, and he plays the important position of point guard.

However, playing point guard may actually work against Wall. It is probably the most difficult position to learn in the NBA, and Wall has had issues early on. There is a good chance that Wall racks up the turnovers this season, and that would not be a good thing for his award candidacy. Griffin has a bit less to do, plus he is an older player. That means more experience, and that experience could make the difference. That is why the pick is for Griffin to win the Rookie of the Year award.

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