Who Will Be the NBA MVP?

For the last two seasons, LeBron James has won the NBA MVP.  Now, he finds himself playing alongside two other players who have found themselves as MVP candidates in the past in Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.  That is great for the Miami Heat, but it isn’t good for any of their MVP hopes.  There is only one ball out there, and none of these guys are going to get as many opportunities as they have when they were the man on their respective teams.  While James and Wade are both still likely to compete for the MVP award, there are many other candidates out there.

Kevin Durant, who Sportsbook has given the best odds of winning to, is a trendy favorite.  He was the leading scorer in the NBA last season and could be better this season.  However, cagey veterans such as Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, and Dirk Nowitzki shouldn’t be forgotten.  Then, there are dominant forces such as Dwight Howard and Chris Paul.

With so many great candidates, picking a most valuable player is tricky.  If LeBron takes on the sort of de facto point guard role, as some think he will, he becomes an excellent choice.  If Durant can score over 30 points per game, he may be the favorite.  However, the pick here is Kobe Bryant.  He may be getting older, but heis still outstanding, and if he can physically withstand an 82 game NBA season, he will take home the NBA’s MVP once again.

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