The Mountain West Deserves an Automatic Bid

In college football’s FBS, there are two kinds of conferences.  There are the conferences that have their champion automatically make a BCS Bowl, and those that don’t.  A BCS Bowl means a lot of money not only for the team, but for the conference.  Right now, there are six conferences that get automatic bids: the ACC, the Big 12, the Big East, the Big Ten, the Pac-10, and the SEC. In our opinion there should be a seventh: the Mountain West.

Currently, TCU of the MWC sits in third in the BCS Standings and has +250 odds of winning the national title on Sportsbook.  Utah, who has only one loss, which was to TCU, is also in the Mountain West.  Boise State, who is fourth in the BCS Standings, currently plays in the WAC, but next season will be in the MWC.  BYU may be leaving to go independent, but Fresno State and Nevada are on their way to follow Boise State from the WAC in the future.

Will all these teams be this good forever?  Probably not, but they are established as good programs at this point.  They aren’t likely to fall apart.  Besides, even legendary programs have rebuilding periods.  Plus, the Big East has struggled for a couple of years now and still gets an automatic bid.  This year, that spot will probably go to an unranked team.  The BCS has a method of evaluating conferences that can rescind an automatic bid.  With that in mind, why doesn’t the Mountain West have one yet?  They are currently deserving of one, and if that ever stops being the case there is a way to fix the matter.  It is a no lose situation.

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