Poker Strategy for Beginners

When you decide to learn poker, you will need to keep some things in mind.  Poker has been called ‘easy to learn’ and, indeed, it is.  It has also been called ‘hard to master’ because it certainly is that, too.

Your learning strategy should consist of three basic things.  Know your cards, first of all.  Spend lots of time shuffling through them and become familiar the hand rankings in poker.  Deal yourself hand after hand and arrange them into recognizable winning hands.  Determine which cards can go and which should be kept to make a better hand later if you are learning Draw Poker.

The second thing to know is your play type.  Will you play tight, aggressively, or randomly?  You can use all three of these styles of play depending on the specific circumstances of the game.  You will make many decisions while you are playing poker, and you should always try to make the best decision you can with the hand you are dealt.  Sometimes this will mean folding the hand rather than playing it, if you think there is little chance it can win.

The third thing to learn is how to keep track of other players and their habits.  The reason this is third on the list is that you must know what you are doing first before you try to understand what your opponent is doing.  You will eventually become so familiar with the game these things will seem like second nature to you.

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