Craps Betting

On the Sportsbook website there are many casino games that can be played, and craps is one of them. The types of bets available are varied in this game and, when you watch it for the first time you might think you will never understand it.  The truth, however, is that almost anybody can figure out how to bet on craps with a little tutoring.

The Roman gladiators may have been the first to play craps.  Their game involved using a simple die with dots on the various sides.  The modern-day game of craps is much the same as the game played in ancient Roman times. There have been developments over the centuries, of course, but the premise is still the same.

The Pass Bet in craps is the one that most people make.  Your bet will be placed on the Pass Line and when the dice are rolled, you hope for a seven or an 11 to win.  The bet will fail, however, if you roll a two, three, or 12; any other number results in you rolling again.  This is most common bet as you have a decent chance of winning, but the payout is also mild – it only pays 1 to 1.

A bet the ‘hard way’ is won by betting on and rolling doubles.  For example, a four, an eight, or a 10 would be rolled, but would have to be doubles to win.  In other words, for an “eight the hard way”, a five and a three wouldn’t work – you would have to roll two fours.  These bets pay much higher, but they are also much harder to win.

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