Common Poker Terms

Common Poker Terms

When you wish to gamble on something other than your usual weekly football game at Sportsbook, poker is certainly one of your options.  If you are unfamiliar with poker, understanding the commonly used terms in the game can be very helpful.  Here are just a few examples of the terminology you will run across as you learn the game of poker.


The ante is the small amount that each player in a poker game puts in before the hand is dealt.  Most poker games use an ante, Texas Hold’em being an exception.  That version of poker uses ‘blinds’ instead.


This is the act of discarding the first card before every deal, regardless of the value.  The players can’t see what card will be dealt next if the first one is burned on every deal.


Placing a bet into the pot equal to the bet that the player before you put in is called ‘calling’ the bet.


In some poker games, you are allowed to discard some of the cards you have been dealt and ‘draw’ an equal number of new cards in an attempt to improve the hand.  Draw Poker is also a specific poker game.


The ‘flop’ is what the first three community cards in a Hold’em game are called.  They are always dealt face up, and can be used by all players in a round.


To ‘fold’ is to give up when you know your hand is no good. When you fold you give your cards back to the dealer, which forfeits your chances to win.

There are many more words that you should become familiar with if you decide to really learn the game of poker.

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