Blackjack vs 21

Blackjack is a very common game in casinos around the world, although there are some people who call the game ’21’.  By either name, they are essentially the same game.  In most casinos there is a different pay rate for multiple cards that add up to 21 and a “Blackjack” – which is the two-card combination of an ace and a ten or face card that adds up to 21.

For example, having been dealt a seven and an eight as your first two cards, you are then dealt a ‘hit’ card of six.  That equals 21, and in most casinos you will be paid at a rate of 1 to 1.  That means you are paid equal to what you put out in your bet.  Two chips bet will be paid two chips.

A Blackjack, on the other hand, typically pays 3 to 2, depending on the casino.  In this case you are dealt an ace and a jack (or any other 10 point card) which equals 21.  Your two-chip bet will be paid three chips.  Both physical and online casinos will have their payouts clearly stated at each table.

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