King of Tournament Poker

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Poker: Mathematics is the Key

Sportsbook betting is very dependent on gambling odds and the probabilities of one given team or player succeeding over another.  Poker is also a very math oriented game.  The odds and percentages are important in poker, and the more you know about that, the better you will become at playing the game. The theory of poker as a mathematical game reminds one of algebraic functions and formulas.  This is because at any given time there is bound to be information that is missing from the poker equation.  When you calculate the probabilities of a hand you must figure it several different ways, with each outcome dependent on what will show up in the missing spaces.  For example, in a Draw Poker game if you hold a King and a Jack and lay down three of your cards for replacement cards, the missing information is what the three cards you will Read More

Common Poker Terms

Common Poker Terms When you wish to gamble on something other than your usual weekly football game at Sportsbook, poker is certainly one of your options.  If you are unfamiliar with poker, understanding the commonly used terms in the game can be very helpful.  Here are just a few examples of the terminology you will run across as you learn the game of poker. Ante The ante is the small amount that each player in a poker game puts in before the hand is dealt.  Most poker games use an ante, Texas Hold’em being an exception.  That version of poker uses ‘blinds’ instead. Burn This is the act of discarding the first card before every deal, regardless of the value.  The players can’t see what card will be dealt next if the first one is burned on every deal. Call Placing a bet into the pot equal to the bet Read More

Poker Strategy for Beginners

When you decide to learn poker, you will need to keep some things in mind.  Poker has been called ‘easy to learn’ and, indeed, it is.  It has also been called ‘hard to master’ because it certainly is that, too. Your learning strategy should consist of three basic things.  Know your cards, first of all.  Spend lots of time shuffling through them and become familiar the hand rankings in poker.  Deal yourself hand after hand and arrange them into recognizable winning hands.  Determine which cards can go and which should be kept to make a better hand later if you are learning Draw Poker. The second thing to know is your play type.  Will you play tight, aggressively, or randomly?  You can use all three of these styles of play depending on the specific circumstances of the game.  You will make many decisions while you are playing poker, and you Read More

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