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Everybody’s calling for Bob Bradley’s head after the USA gave up four straight goals to Mexico.  Not me.  I think he came to the gunfight with a squirt gun full of red sugar water. America peaked two years ago at the Confederations Cup.  The Yanks humiliated Spain, broke Egypt’s hearts, and nearly knocked off Brazil.  I’ll admit it – I drank the Kool-Aid too — for a while.  It was looking like US Soccer had finally arrived.  A world championship was just a few years away, wasn’t it?  After all, we were on a surreal run that started in 2002 with the defeats of Portugal and Mexico at the World Cup, and featured an orgasmic, decade long run dominance of our southern neighbors.  The Stars and Stripes was the undisputed monster of Concacaf. But my jaw dropped and I spilled an entire pitcher of Kool-Aid on my lap, when three Read More


Obama looks terrified of Chinese president Hu.  I bet they frame this picture in Beijing, and give it a position of prominence in every Chinese textbook.  Wouldnt it make a nice Gong-bi painting?  As much as it sums up a bad situation, my current mental state, best described as blind euphoria, leads me to the following alternative interpretation of this moment in history Chinese President Hu has just called Barracks homer bluff, and asked him if hed care to ke things interesting by wagering a few billion on the Packers Bears game.  The Homer-in-Chief, Barrack Obama has been running his mouth all week, prognosticating that his hometown team will win by 3. Looks like B.O. doesnt want to put his (our) billions where his mouth is.  Or maybe he just cant come up with the cash. 🙁


While not exactly on the same level as texting an image of your Packer package to a staff member, Aaron Rogers is now being labeled an ignorer of cancer patients. He walked right past a lady decked out in pink breast cancer apparel, who asked him for an autograph. You watch the video and decidelick Here [ad#Betonline Sports link]


When will the NFL do something about the hideous Packer uniforms?  They look as if they were designed by a color-blind lumberjack with a severe concussion. And since Ive got you thinking about woodsmen, how long has it been since you read one of those Berenstain Bears children books?  Its a series featuring a family of Grizzly Bears: Papa, Mama, Brother, Sister and later in the series, when ratings began sagging and the two siblings ceased being cute, a new born baby girl bear came into the picture.  Papa Bear cut down trees to make furniture for the house, and wore a flannel shirt with overalls.  Judging from his outfits, and his corncob pipe routine, I could easily see him picking yellow and green for team colors. When my kids where younger, I spent many nights reading books to them.  Sometimes the books are really well thought out.  The Berenstain Read More


NFL PLAYOFFS There are moments in life, in which we sit back and say, cant believe that just happened and Im so lucky to have just experienced it. Last night, for example, I said something like that after seeing my wife dressed up in bed as the Esurance girl. Not bragging, mind you, just giving an example :/ This weekend, there are four possible moments in which we could collectively sit back and say that. It is for great moments like these that we watch sports, and I shop at Hustler Hollywood. NY Jets at New England Patriots Whats with the Jets taking shots at Brady? The Patriots smacked them around a couple weeks back, and now, with the daunting task of trying to defeat a team on the road that has enjoyed an additional week to get healthy, Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie and coach Rex Ryan are verbally Read More