Ronda Rousey vs Lara Croft?

This morning, I was doing some surfing on the net, catching up with some of the headline sports stories and upcoming events and there her name was again…Ronda Rousey. I mean, who is this chick anyway? Not only is she hot, she’s also tough as nails and appears to be pretty smart too. A VERY DANGEROUS combination.

This chick has beat the ever-lovin’ crap out of every other female fighter who has had the unfortunate chance to encounter her in the ‘Octagon’ (the octagonal cage used in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) contests). The last contestant to face Ms. Rousey was a female mixed martial arts fighter named Cathilee Deborah “Cat” Zingano. Cat, in her own right, was a substantial force to be reckoned with.

Cat began her fighting career at 12 years old and was a 4-time All American and National Champion wrestler during her college days in Colorado. She was ranked as the No.2 MMA/UFC contender and had a 9-0 record entering the match with Ronda. Well, ladies and gentlemen, that match lasted all of 14 seconds – give or take – and yes, Ronda won it, hands down.

Ronda Rousey’s record, following this match, stands at 11-0. Nothing more needs to be said about her athletic prowess or fighting capabilities? Ronda’s next opponent (victim) is a tough Brazilian lady named Bethe Correia, with a UFC record of 9-0; so she’s no slouch. The contest schedule for August 1 will be fought in Rio de Janeiro or at the Hard Rock in Ft. Lauderdale, FL; its up to the US State Department now as they are trying to work out details of Visas with US Customs and Immigration. This event may become one of the most spectacular fights in history….gladiatorial…winner takes all events.

Yes, two of the world’s best Gladiatrix facing each other to find out who trained harder, smarter, who is stronger, quicker, more powerful, with greater stamina; the unstoppable force facing the immovable object. Will the UFC match go the distance, or will it be decided in another 14-second dismemberment? To be completely honest, I don’t know. And, although this will be a historical event, it would not be the best or most challenging matchup for Ronda; that would be Kayla Harrison.

Ah, now you ask who is Kayla Harrison. Well, she is the ONLY American (male or female) to ever win an Olympic gold medal in Judo. Yes, she is a bit heavier than Ronda is, but could probably trim down to the Bantam weight division in UFC. Ms. Harrison would be a real force to reckon with and someone who would give Ronda the fight of her life.

The only other contender who could spare and probably beat Ronda would be Lara Croft (aka Angelina Jolie/Tomb Raider)…imagine that. I know what I’ll be doing August 1…

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