Which College Football Playoff team is each U.S. county rooting for?

Going by Twitter followers, it seems Alabama and Oregon will have a lot of national support.

The inaugural College Football Playoff starts on New Year’s Day, with teams from nearly every quadrant of the country taking part. Twitter had a neat idea: let’s find out which Playoff team each county in the U.S. supports, judging by Twitter follows

As expected, Oregon dominates much of the West Coast, as the Pac-12′s representative. Ohio State takes up all of Ohio and some of the surrounding area, while Florida State claims Florida and parts of Georgia.

Top-seeded Alabama appears to take up the largest geographic area, spanning from Texas up to Iowa and all the way over to Virginia. The Tide’s influence spreads to every corner of the country. Alabama claims a county in Alaska, California, Washington, Maine, Georgia, and just about every state in between.

All four brands are fairly national, with scattered counties spread throughout the United States. Oregon also has counties in Alaska, California, Washington, Maine, and Georgia, while Ohio State and Florida State can also be seen across the map.

Previously, a cool map showed where the four playoff teams got their players from.

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