West Virginia-NC State ref appears to be watching NFL on monitor

The ref isn’t blind. He’s just watching something else.

An eagle-eyed fan at West Virginia’s win against NC State at Madison Square Garden noticed … this:

Welp this ref that’s watching NFL is clearly paying full attention to the #WVU #NCState game… pic.twitter.com/QTUYqgyDUA

— Mel Moraes (@melmoraes) December 21, 2014

That’s the alternate ref, who isn’t directly involved in making on-court calls, but … still! That monitor is for doing replays and stuff! Stop watching football! Of course, it’s possible this was an unlucky moment and he was watching the game on ESPN2 and a fan took a picture at the exact moment they cut away to a football game. And the game wasn’t actively going on at this moment in time, so it’s not like he was neglecting his duties … but still.

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