Watch this amazing bicycle kick goal in the Peruvian final

Skip to 4:18.


No, no, no.

He didn’t do that.

He did that!

Junior Viza is a magician who somehow did that to put Juan Aurich up 2-1 in the Peruvian final. He managed to run full speed, pull up, chest a ball down on the bounce and then blow our minds.

That was just the highlight of a tie full of amazing things. Juan Aurich and Sporting Cristal were level after the traditional two legs of the final, so they played a third leg, where Viza did this. But Sporting Cristal scored two goals to come back for a 3-2 win and claim the league title.

Of course, that was only possible because the Peruvian league is full of cheats who did not properly award Viza and Juan Aurich 100 goals for this brilliance.

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