Watch Kevin Garnett draw a tech by blowing in David West’s ear

Garnett pulled a Lance Stephenson and it worked.

Lance Stephenson became an Internet meme when he attempted to get into LeBron Jameshead by blowing in his ear. Kevin Garnett apparently took notice and added the tactic to his repertoire.


(H/T @BenGolliver)

Unlike Stephenson, Garnett’s tactic worked. David West was called for a technical foul for shoving Garnett away. While the blowing was good, the entire scene leading up to it was even better. Garnett was called for a personal foul after he held West. He then proceeded to repeat loudly that West was “doing a lot of flopping” before blowing in his face.

(via The Brooklyn Game)

Kevin Garnett, Hall of Fame player and troll.

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