Washington players freak out after diving RG3 touchdown waved off

Robert Griffin III had a nice, happy first half after stepping in for the injured Colt McCoy, and seemed to finish it with a brilliant, diving TD on foot at 0:00


It sure looked like a TD, but Jeff Triplette and company deemed it a fumble in the end zone and touchback, ruling that Griffin had lost control of the ball before crossing the plane. Tough call, since RG3 appeared to regain control in mid-flight:


Washington players were understandably peeved at the call, and Santana Moss got ejected for storming onto the field to protest:


Here’s an official explanation:

In #WASvsNYG RG3 clearly lost control of the ball before GL. It’s a fumble. To regain possession he has to hold onto it when he lands.

— Dean Blandino (@DeanBlandino) December 14, 2014

And here’s a better view of the official having a very hard time with his flag:

Took Jeff Triplette 3 times to throw his flag LOL!!! https://t.co/NKRQGk7kF1

— Danny (@recordsANDradio) December 14, 2014

Rough end to what was otherwise a solid first half for Washington.

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