Vintage Dick Trickle photo proves the 80s were the sexiest decade

A NASCAR legend. A cigarette. A gas can. This is peak awesome.


This photo of Dick Trickle is classic NASCAR.

A different NASCAR from the flashier, glitzier, more mainstream version on the sport we’re used to seeing today.

Let’s break down what makes it awesome.

1. The photo was taken in 1989.

Proof the 80′s were the sexiest decade. Totally beating out the 1970′s.

2. He’s smoking a cigarette before the race.

Hey, it’s the Southern 500. That’s 367 laps around the Darlington Raceway and there’s no going to be a chance to get another nicotine fix until after the race. As the title sponsor of the series back then was Winston cigarettes, let us hope he was smoking the correct brand. Considering how good NASCAR drivers are at promoting sponsors, I’m guessing he was.

3. He’s smoking a cigarette close to a gas can.

That doesn’t seem safe … nor is the fact that the gas can is strapped to a hand truck. But hey, he’s about to strap himself into a car and drive extremely fast with a bunch of other drivers in very close quarters. At this point, I doubt he fears the potential damage from a rouge spark igniting gas.

4. This photo was taken on my 9th birthday.

No, I wasn’t at the race. No, I wasn’t watching the race. Just a random coincidence that makes it even better … clearly.

I love this photo so much.

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