Tony Romo’s injury remarks draw NFL investigation

The Cowboys may have concealed that Romo has a broken rib, something the NFL is taking a closer look at.

The National Football League is investigating whether the Dallas Cowboys violated rules regarding injury reports by not divulging that quarterback Tony Romo has been playing with a broken rib, per Pro Football Talk. Romo admitted on the Thursday Night Football telecast that he has a fractured rib, an injury previously undisclosed.

By league rules, teams need to list all injuries on their reports. The question here is whether the team knew about the rib, or if Romo simply was mum on the situation and mistakenly spilled the beans on television. Romo has been dealing with two back fractures since being knocked out of a Monday Night Football game against Washington back in Week 8, so it’s understandable if he forgot about the pesky rib.

Should the NFL find the Cowboys in violation, they will likely be fined by the league. In a similar situation back in 2012, Washington and Buffalo were both fined $20,000 each for improper injury reports.

Romo has taken a ton of heat throughout his career in Dallas for not being clutch, but he has earned respect amongst the fans for his toughness. Dave Halprin of Blogging The Boys wrote Friday Romo is tougher than even previously thought. With three games left in the season and Dallas sitting at 9-3, Romo will continue to play with the pain, hopefully into January.

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