Tony Allen live-tweets his son puking all over him

Here is your regular reminder that Tony Allen is a pioneer; a Twitter innovator:

Kodak Moment , Got to Love em,

— Tony Allen (@aa000G9) December 28, 2014

I guess he wanted to get down!

— Tony Allen (@aa000G9) December 28, 2014

The rest of us would go get a towel immediately. Tony knew he had to get a photo first. And now it will be a meme, I bet. Shirtless parents around the world will hold their nauseated babies aloft, drench themselves in puke, and share to build their brands. It’ll be called Tonying.

(Side note: Don’t do this with a puppy. I once held my puppy like that and gave her a little spin and she puked all over me just like that. I guess she wanted to get down.)

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