Tom Izzo playing ‘Jingle Bells’ on accordion is college basketball’s greatest Christmas tradition

All Tom Izzo does is win Big Ten championships and play accordion.

Tom Izzo records a weekly radio show, as do many college hoops coaches, and tonight Tom Izzo did something special on his because it’s almost Christmas: He played “Jingle Bells” on the accordion:

He’s no Weird Al, but you can tell he knows his way around the accordion. This is actually an annual tradition. In past, he’s brought players to sing along:

But wait — does Tom Izzo only know one song on accordion? Nah. He was wailing away on this very same accordion earlier this year when he took the stage with a KISS cover band dressed in full KISS gear including makeup. You probably just didn’t notice because HE WAS IN FULL KISS GEAR INCLUDING MAKEUP.

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