Tom Brady thinks Jim Harbaugh to Michigan is ‘awesome’

Nothing’s official yet, but Touchdown Tom is on board.

Tom Brady is gearing up for the playoffs, but that hasn’t kept him from tuning into the latest rumors surrounding his alma mater and Jim Harbaugh. Brady, who quarterbacked at Michigan in the late 1990s, is thrilled about the all-but-confirmed reports that the Wolverines have hired Harbaugh as their next head coach.

“Obviously the program at Michigan, as a former player, has not been in the best of places for one reason or another,” Tom Brady told WEEI on Monday morning. “If he does go there he brings a lot of credibility and winning. He’s been a great coach in college and the pros. To have a great coach like that lead a program is awesome.

“You see in college football with the teams that are still playing right now, those ones that are in the playoffs, they got some great coaches. If Michigan could get that type of coach it would be incredible, especially with him knowing the history of the school and the tradition, playing there. Just to have him back as part of the school would be phenomenal.”

Harbaugh, who played quarterback for the Wolverines himself, officially parted ways with the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. The latest rumors have the coach flying to Ann Arbor on Monday to accept a six-year, $48 million offer, which would make him the highest-paid coach in college football.

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