Tim Tebow is wielding a pickaxe in the Disney parade

.@TimTebow is practicing his ice pick maneuvers for the #DisneyParade pic.twitter.com/MXyfowZZti

— Attractions Magazine (@Attractions) December 9, 2014

Tim Tebow is really into his character. Look how much poise and focus he’s bringing to his role. It’s nice to see one of Florida’s most beloved personalities preparing to entertain the masses. Let’s ruin it.

Tim Tebow: Mountain Climber

the tebow is right



Miner from a bygone era


American Psycho Tebow


So metal

Heeeeeere’s Timmy!

heeere's tebow

Now it’s your turn. Make your own Tebowshop.


Thanks to Drew Garrison, who assisted with wonderful Tebow photoshops.

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