This guy stole 7,500 pairs of LeBron sneakers

Via ESPN’s Darren Rovell:

A Memphis man has been charged with theft of property after driving away with a truck full of 7,500 pairs of the newest LeBron 12 Nike shoes with a retail value of approximately $1.5 million.

In early November, police say Charles Jennings, an employee of cargo transportation company Intermodal Cartage Group, used his ID card to get into a secure lot and drive away with the valuable shoes.

Rovell goes on to explain the $1.5 million is an estimate based on the retail value. In any event, that’s a LOT of sneakers. Our antihero also managed to sell off hundreds of pairs of shoes before he and the truck were found.

So take note, Memphians: If you bought LeBrons from a man in a truck, maaaaybe wait a few months before you wear them outside.

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