The SEC is way better than your conference at January bowls

Over the last seven seasons, at least.

The SEC’s recent domination of postseason play is pretty widely known. Until Florida State beat Auburn last season, the conference had produced the last seven national champions in a row, and these numbers show just how dominant the SEC has been since 2007.

Unreal stats via @chrisfallica These stats have SEC bias!

— David Pollack (@davidpollack47) December 16, 2014

The only other conference with a winning record in January bowls during that timeframe is the Pac-12, with less than a quarter of the games the SEC has played. Sure, the SEC is getting more opportunities in marquee bowl games than the other conferences, but they’re also doing a much better job of taking advantage of them.

Fallica clarified that he chose 2007 as the starting point because of Ohio State and Michigan’s expected success that bowl season. The Buckeyes were widely expected to have an easy time with Florida in the BCS National Championship Game, but instead lost 41-14.

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