The A’s All-Stars are in a ‘Final Destination’ movie

Making an All-Star team with the A’s is a bad look, apparently.

If you’re a baseball fan of a team that isn’t the White Sox, you’re likely unhappy with how the winter meetings have gone so far. Cheer up, though: things could be a whole lot worse. You could be an Athletics’ fan waking up and seeing this photo on their Twitter feed:

#Athletics #AllStarCurse #AllStarFireSale #CheapForNoReason #Prospecting

— Carlos Soria (@Photosalad) December 9, 2014

That’s from the 2014 All-Star Game, and if you didn’t work it out on your own, each of the players marked X has been traded, starting with Yoenis Cespedes in July and most recently with Jeff Samardzija, who will soon be on the aforementioned White Sox.

Maybe the A’s aren’t done, either. Scott Kazmir only has one year left, so if this is a total reload, he could be moved. Sean Doolittle and Derrick Norris are likely staying put, but if Beane just really hates this All-Star Game photo, then no one is safe.

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