Steve Smith wants you to ask his wife about his stamina

Steve Smith was asked about his stamina after being sick this week. “You can ask my wife about my stamina,” he said.

— Jeff Zrebiec (@jeffzrebiecsun) December 14, 2014

Couples know a lot about each other, so it should be no surprise that Steve Smith’s wife knows about his stamina. We’re not sure how she has this information, but we have a few ideas ; )

  • They have regular breath-holding contests in the Smith household.
  • She times him on a treadmill.
  • Smith didn’t use a single Fastpass at Disney World, and didn’t sit down once.
  • He watched all three Lord of the Rings movies back-to-back.
  • Smith can hold a broom in an outstretched arm for 5 minutes.
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