Stephane Robidas elbowed Shawn Matthias in the head

The Canucks had a good reason to be upset with the veteran defenseman.

Stephane Robidas is generally respected around the league as a veteran defenseman with a lot of heart and physicality. That didn’t keep Vancouver from going after him when he took physicality to another level on Saturday.

Canucks forward Shawn Matthias was injured in the second period when Robidas caught him in the head with an elbow while trying to check him into the boards.

robidas hit

Matthias left the ice to presumably head to the quiet room. Meanwhile, Robidas got two minutes in the penalty box. When he emerged, retribution was swift. Jannik Hansen sent him flying into the boards a minute later, and then Derek Dorsett tangled with Robidas after the ensuing whistle.


I’m no hockey etiquette expert, but I would guess that the hit has now been answered and justice was served on the ice. Done deal? We’ll see if the league does anything about it, however.

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