Someone wanted Will Ferrell to star in a Donald Sterling comedy

The worst part of this entire story is someone was convinced it was a good idea.

One of the biggest stories right now in Hollywood is the massive hacking of Sony Pictures and the subsequent release of leaked e-mails. One of the latest stories from the leaks qualifies as SPORTS, as apparently there was an idea to do a remake of Ruthless People with Will Farrell playing a character based on former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling.


In 1986 “RP” was contemporary but I’ve figured out how to remake it for 2016, the Donald Sterling angle is a gift from the comedy gods and Will Ferrell as “Ronald Sperling” is perfect.

The Most Hated NFL Owner in America gets kidnapped a week before the Super Bowl and nobody wants to pay any ransom for him — it reinvents Ruthless People to perfection, everyone is angry.

That doesn’t sound very good.

The bad guys kidnap him right after his big NAACP Award Dinner and before TMZ audio tape goes viral and the whole world learns what a horrible racist he is, he was valuable as a hostage for ransom before TMZ but now he is worth nothing to them. Nobody wants him back except for the Mayor and D.A. to prosecute him for Hate Crimes.

This is going downhill fast.

So the comedy climax of the movie will see Sperling escape from his captors, they are holding him in a warehouse downtown, he will take a bus with many poor minorities to the Coliseum, awkward and funny.

That’s definitely awkward — definitely not funny.

I’m not going to shine a positive light on hacking and releasing private information but if there has to be a positive from this entire situation it’s that there’s no way this awful movie gets made — right?

It’s important to note this was just a treatment and there were no signs that this was anything more than a random idea.

(h/t Deadspin)

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