Simon Despres delivers a questionable hit on Ladislav Smid

The Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman might hear from the league.

Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Simon Despres might be hearing from the league office on Saturday.

Calgary Flames defenseman Ladislav Smid left the game after he received a hit from Despres behind the Penguinsnet. Smid got up, shouted something towards Despres, and headed straight to the locker room after the hit. No penalty was called on the hit.

Despres appeared to hit Smid in the head with his forearm, but the question here will be if he targeted his head. In the GIF you can see Despres appeared to launch into the hit straight into Smid’s head as the Flames defenseman hits the brakes. Dangerous hit or unfortunate circumstances with matching physics? You be the judge.

(GIF courtesy: @myregularface)

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