Santa’s reindeer are your new favorite baseball team

This is the best baseball-related holiday treat of all.

Last year, Baseball Reference had the coolest holiday-themed sports Easter egg, when they gave Rudolph the Reindeer his own page.

This year, they — working with some very cool illustrators — have topped themselves by adding ALL OF HIS TEAMMATES.



- Clearly, Donner is the big bust here.


Get it together, Donner.

- Dasher is Rickey Henderson.


- Blitzen has really been hitting the pfeffernüsse.

- Cupid is SMUG AS HELL. He also may possibly be Derek Jeter, based on his number history. I guess that would explain the smugness.

Go explore the wonderful baseball reindeer goodness at Baseball Reference and look at all their baseball cards over at THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE NORTH POLE REINDEER.

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