Roger Goodell reaches out to fans regarding new personal conduct policy

The commissioner of the NFL tells fans that new policy will prevent issues in the future.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reached out to fans in an email Wednesday to discuss the league’s new personal conduct policy.

In his email, Goodell insists that only a small percentage of players “conduct themselves improperly,” though acknowledges that those actions impact the entire league. He further states that the new policy is a significant step towards preventing issues in the future.

The policy, which was announced earlier the same day, changes the way violations are handled. Players charged with wrongdoing can now be placed on immediate paid leave while they handle their particular legal issues. Additionally, the policy will apply for, league personnel and team owners. The league has previously been criticized for treated management differently than those on the field.

That’s not to say new objections haven’t been raised. The NFL Players Association have publicly stated that the league did not consult with them in the creation of the new personal conduct policy and disagree with several elements of the proposed changes. The NFL has denied the union’s claim, stating that numerous meetings as well as a copy of the policy were sent prior to the reveal Monday.

Here is the full statement from Roger Goodell to the fans:

Dear Fans,

You give so much to our game and its success. In return, as you should, you hold us to high standards, both on and off the field. We have listened and we have heard you. We hold ourselves to these high standards as well.

The majority of people in the NFL are individuals of high character who make incredible contributions to the game and their communities. However, a small percentage conduct themselves improperly at times. We recognize these actions damage the entire league. We now are taking significant steps to strengthen our programs to prevent and address incidents of misconduct.

Today at a league meeting in Dallas, our teams unanimously endorsed a revised and strengthened Personal Conduct Policy for all NFL employees. The policy was developed after an extensive series of meetings and discussions over the past four months with a wide range of experts and others inside and outside of the NFL, including current and former players, the NFL Players Association, domestic violence/sexual assault experts and advocates, law enforcement officials, academic experts, and business leaders. The revised policy is clear, consistent, accountable and transparent and applies to everyone including owners, general managers, coaches, players, other team employees, game officials, and all league employees.

We wanted to share this revised policy directly with you as soon as possible. You can access it here:

View Policy

Our communities are the heart of our teams and we put everything into making a positive impact on them. While we are stewards of the game of football, we know that virtue isn’t earned on the field alone. Character and values sits above everything else because we represent something that means so much to so many people.

Thank you for your passion and support of the NFL, and for helping make us better. Enjoy the rest of the season, which promises to be an exciting race to Super Bowl XLIX.

- Roger Goodell

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