RG3 wears wristband for first time as pro quarterback

RGIII wore a play-calling wristband on his left arm for the first time as a pro against the Eagles on Sunday.

If you thought it was odd seeing Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III checking a wristband on his left arm in between plays during Sunday’s win over the Philadelphia Eagles, you were correct. For the first time as a pro, RGIII wore a wristband with a number of plays written on it during a game.

Coach Jay Gruden said the coaching staff specifically asked Griffin to wear the wristband, which featured a flip-top, to help speed up the play-calling process. Griffin said it was the first time he used a device like that since high school.

He admitted that the wristband helped increase the tempo of the offense and he had no issues with the attachment, though he used it sparingly against the Eagles:

“That’s in house stuff,” Griffin said. “Everybody wears a wristband around the league mostly. It can really help speed up the communication process between the coaches and quarterback. And get you in a better tempo as an offense. It’s something they wanted to experiment with. We used it a couple of times and there was no problem.”

Griffin had one of his best games of the season against Philadelphia, completing 69.6 percent of his passes for 220 yards with only one turnover. His Total QBR of 76.2 was his best in any game that he started and finished since Week 7 of last season against the Chicago Bears (91.8).

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