RG3 entered for injured Colt McCoy, and gave us a vintage rollercoaster performance

Robert Griffin III was back on the field Sunday, and showcased once again why he is one of the most mercurial talents in the NFL.

It seemed like Washington head coach Jay Gruden had turned his back on Robert Griffin III for good, but a neck injury to Colt McCoy ushered the quarterback back onto the field. The result was everything that fans have come to expect from Griffin — encouraging moments interspersed with same-old mistakes.

Griffin finished 18-for-27 passing for 236 yards and a touchdown. His first score came on a nine-yard pass to Chris Thompson, and afterwards it appeared that Griffin and Gruden had mended whatever rift existed between the two.

Late in the second half, Griffin seemingly scored on a dive to the corner of the end zone, but referees ruled that the quarterback lost control of the ball before it crossed the goal line. Replays suggested that Griffin regained control in mid-air, but the refs stuck to their ruling, sparking kerfuffle that got Santana Moss ejected.

Encouragingly, Griffin was able to make plays with his feet. He rushed five times for 46 yards and almost touchdown. More importantly, he didn’t get hurt.

Griffin was benched in favor of McCoy in Week 13. Afterwards, reports suggest that the relationship between Gruden and Griffin was irreparable. Griffin has struggled mightily since his strong rookie season. He didn’t do anything Sunday to suggest that his long-term prospects have improved, but at least he flashed some of what made him one of the most promising players in the NFL in 2012.

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