Referees incorrectly wave off Bruins goal for goalie interference

Can it be goalie interference if the goalie isn’t touched?

Like it or not, NHL referees occasionally deserve benefit of the doubt when it comes to calling or missing penalties. After all, it’s a fast game. Sometimes infractions will be missed.

But there’s really no defending the referees for waving off a Boston Bruins goal on Sunday night. Early in the first period, winger Reilly Smith fired a shot from the high slot past Buffalo Sabres netminder Jhonas Enroth. The referee immediately called no goal on the play, citing Loui Eriksson’s goalie interference as the reason.

Only Eriksson didn’t touch Enroth.

I suppose you can argue Eriksson made Enroth shuffle a bit, but it was only briefly and Enroth had time to reset before Smith fired the puck. It was a bad call, and will probably go down as a low moment for officials this season.

The Bruins came right back and scored anyways just a minute later, rendering the whole controversy moot and letting the officials off the hook.

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