Ranking Twitter photos of Jim Harbaugh arriving in Michigan

These are all definitely pictures.

Jim Harbaugh has landed in Michigan, and people are at the airport to feverishly take pictures of a plane.

Here are those pictures, ranked best to worst.

The Harbaugh has landed. pic.twitter.com/lHb2aFUqHX

— Curtis (@Curtos07) December 29, 2014

The local news banner brings this picture to the top of the heap. I mean, is there even a plane in that picture?

Touchdown Harbaugh – his plane is taxiing to a stop pic.twitter.com/cdmjYNoVIM

— Michele Steele (@ESPNMichele) December 29, 2014

Good, solid pun. Small portion of an actual plane is clearly visible. Still basically just runway and shadow.

Jack Harbaugh has arrived on this plane. His wife offered a “Go Blue” to reporters pic.twitter.com/9CauzNpMEb

— angelique (@chengelis) December 29, 2014

A plane. Fine. Is it even the right one? Are any of these?

Harbaugh’s plane at DTW. pic.twitter.com/qSTKeExLs5

— Alejandro Zúñiga (@ByAZuniga) December 29, 2014

This isn’t even a full plane.

Breaking: the Harbaugh has (allegedly) landed, although this plane carried his parents. Via @wxyzdetroit pic.twitter.com/xwaWmcKFTR

— Micheline Maynard (@MickiMaynard) December 29, 2014

A good picture, but not even the right plane.

Ladies and gentlemen, Jim Harbaugh has arrived. pic.twitter.com/HjhLKTRD2F

— Alejandro Zúñiga (@ByAZuniga) December 29, 2014

Okay, here’s a picture of Harbaugh himself, but he’s not a plane and also HE’S WEARING BLACK IT’S A SIGN GO RAIDERS—-

Thus concludes a ranking of pictures of Jim Harbaugh’s airplane. It’s been exciting.

Via ABC 7:

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