Player shown red card for warning teammates about dog pooping on pitch

Lace Perry was just your average Christian League player, until he saw a dog run on the pitch and take a dump. That’s when he warned his teammates there was a dog “shitting” on the pitch and was shown a red card for swearing.

The league has a zero tolerance policy on swearing and that was enough to get Perry the heave-ho. He protested, to no avail. His manager did too, and he also said that in this case the referee had interpreted the rule “rather crazily.”

Luckily for Perry, the FA overturned the red card and he won’t be suspended for the next match.

“We have looked at the words used, and the way they were used,” FA disciplinary boss Mike Fellows told The Independent.

“Obviously if the response had followed a question about how the ref was performing, the red card would have stayed.

“Actually, shit is in the Oxford English Dictionary. Clearly in this case the word was not used as a term of abuse.”

So to summarize:

1) A dog took a dump on the pitch
2) A player said the dog was taking a dump on the pitch
3) Red card
4) Nah, not a red card
5) Haha, a dog took a dump on the pitch

Unfortunately, there is no video of the incident, so here’s another dog pooping on a pitch.

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