Phil Pressey tried to dunk on 38-year-old Andre Miller and got emphatically denied

Getting blocked by a 38-year-old point guard can’t be good for the reputation.

Andre Miller is in his 16th NBA season. At this point in his career, the 38-year-old succeeds mostly with craftiness and basketball IQ. That doesn’t, however, mean he doesn’t still have some athletic ability. Boston’s Phil Pressey found out the hard way.


Pressey tried to put Miller on a poster and ended up getting the ball stuffed back in his face. Not only did Miller out jump the 23-year-old, but he got all ball and didn’t even allow Pressey to get close to the rim. Pressey was eight years old when Miller made his NBA debut.

Nice job by Kevin Seraphin to put the exclamation point with the secondary block.

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