Petr Cech’s agent pushing a Liverpool move

Petr Cech is currently second choice at Chelsea, and given that Thibaut Courtois is just 22, he’s unlikely to become the top keeper again. He’ll leave the club at some point soon, as he’s still good enough to be the top keeper at a big club and young enough that Chelsea can fetch a decent fee for him.

But would the Blues sell to a Premier League rival? According to the Mirror, Cech’s agent is encouraging Liverpool to make a bid.

Why it makes sense

Liverpool are in serious need of a goalkeeper. Simon Mignolet has been benched indefinitely for awful form even though his backup, Brad Jones, is demonstrably worse. Petr Cech would be a massive upgrade over that pair and undoubtedly an excellent signing for the Reds.

Chelsea are probably willing to sell Cech too, though maybe not until the summer. Courtois is one of the three or four best goalkeepers in the world already, and can hardly be considered a ‘young’ player. He was first choice for the La Liga winners and Champions League finalists last year. Chelsea are moving on from Cech, and they’re right to.

Why it doesn’t make sense

Cech is going to have a huge market when Chelsea make it clear that he’s up for sale. La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1 clubs will surely be interested in Cech’s services. If foreign clubs big enough to pay Cech’s wages are going to make bids for him, why would Chelsea agree to sell him within the Premier League? They might not consider Liverpool a rival this season, but they could become one in the future.

Chelsea also don’t need the money right now, they’re still in four competitions and Cech’s value isn’t plummeting. They’d probably like to keep Cech around as their backup and cup goalkeeper until the summer, then bring back one of their loanees or sign a backup for Courtois.


While Cech would be a great pickup for Liverpool and Chelsea will be willing to sell him eventually, they’re probably not moving him in this window, and might not sell him within England, period. 1 out of 10 chance this happens in January, and 4 out of 10 chance it happens in the summer.

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