Pac-12 Dr Pepper football throw thing featured chest passes, winner getting wrong check

It lived up to the hype.

The best part of Championship Weekend in College Football is when two students at each game try to throw passes into a giant Dr. Pepper can to win money. The winner gets $100,000 and the loser gets $20,000, so this is high-stakes. And the Pac-12 participants, Sarah and Wesley, both had the same plans: CHEST PASSES!

And Sarah won! But unfortunately, Dr. Pepper gave her the wrong check.


But Dr. Pepper fixed the mix-up!

@hoopdude65 We handed Sarah the wrong check to pose with, but she is indeed receiving $100,000 in tuition.

— Dr Pepper (@drpepper) December 6, 2014

Poor Wesley. Should’ve worked on those chest passes.

Totally fine being the runner up, bro.

— Will Brinson (@WillBrinson) December 6, 2014

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