Oregon has scored more points in 2 games at Levi’s Stadium than the 49ers have in 6

After a dominant Pac-12 Championship Game win, the Oregon Ducks have gotten into the end zone at the San Francisco 49ers’ home stadium more than the Niners have.

During the fourth quarter of Oregon’s vicious beatdown of Arizona in the Pac-12 Championship game, this started floating around:

Oh, by the way. Oregon has scored more in two games at Levi’s Stadium than the 49ers have in their entire season. pic.twitter.com/Uc3s73GAhW

— Oregon Pit Crew (@OregonPitCrew) December 6, 2014

Except they weren’t even done scoring: Oregon would score another touchdown after that tweet so now it’s 110-98.Their previous game at the Niners’ stadium been against Cal. The Niners still have two games left, against the Chargers and Cardinals, but they only managed three points at home against the Seahawks, so it’s not a guarantee they’ll catch up.

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