On Christmas, MLB news breaks at the Honeybaked Ham store

It’s the most magical ham store of the year.

A.J. Pierzynski just signed a one-year deal with the Braves. We know this, because Fredi Gonzalez went to Honeybaked Ham and just told someone’s dad all about it. No, seriously.

Source: @braves and AJ pierzynski agree to deal. No details. Check it @Buster_ESPN @Ken_Rosenthal @jcrasnick @jessespector

not kidding

— Aaron Lunsford (@darrenstains) December 24, 2014

I just got a scoop on a signing before any national or local writer. But alas I have no credentials in the field of sports writing.

— Aaron Lunsford (@darrenstains) December 24, 2014

Hat tip on the Pierzynski deal goes to @darrenstains, whose father ran into Fredi Gonzalez at Honeybaked Ham.

— Mark Bowman (@mlbbowman) December 24, 2014

I think @darrenstains‘s dad is more of a pro than I’ll ever be. If I saw Fredi at Honeybaked Ham, I’d say “nice ham, jerkface.”

— Craig Calcaterra (@craigcalcaterra) December 24, 2014

This has turned into an amazing day. I love twitter. #HamRumors

— Aaron Lunsford (@darrenstains) December 24, 2014

Update: mom is worried dad is going to be in trouble #HamRumors

— Aaron Lunsford (@darrenstains) December 24, 2014

#HamRumors. #HamScoops. God bless us, everyone.

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